Do you want to find relief from living one mood episode to the next?

Mindful Progress is the all-in-one tool that will empower you to live your best life with bipolar disorder. Transform your mental wellbeing by discovering the factors that keep you balanced.

A tool for us, by us

Mindful Progress is the tool I wish I had when I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 in 2016.

Treating mental health conditions is complex, so many factors go in to feeling well. At the start I did not know all of the factors, it was only through trial and error over many years that I started to see how sleep, medicine, exercise, and other things formed how I felt. Trial and error is painful on you and those around you, I have lived that. I want to take years off of your suffering to find what works for you in a comprehensive, holistic, and intuitive way. The goal is to maximize the time between episodes, and to have so much warning of an upcoming one that providers can be involved before it is too disruptive.

I used to track my mood log on Evernote, my sleep and exercise on Fitbit, my prescriptions on my doctor’s app, never all in the same place which made finding connections between them impossible. It was not just that these tools did not work together, none of them were made for tracking bipolar so they all lacked critical features. Evernote does not have a 0 to 10 rating for each mood entry, nor does it track the most common symptoms of manic and depressive episodes or show the ratings as a graph over time so I can see and share with others when my mood is unstable. Fitbit does not track my difficulty falling asleep, a common symptom when a manic episode is forming. My doctor's office app does not let me track the side effects the medications are giving me so I can go back and report them to my psychiatrist. Mindful Progress is the app that brings all the tracking tools into one place so you can do everything in one central place, has specialized features for bipolar disorder, and lets you see connections between all the factors so you can see what leads you to feel better for longer.

Now, with Mindful Progress, I can rate my mood 0-10, track common bipolar symptoms (like irritability, hypersexuality, and changes in energy), monitor difficulty levels of getting to sleep over time, record medication side effects I am experiencing, and more. Having all of these factors is not just beneficial for you to have logged and see on a graph, now when your psychiatrist or therapist asks you how you have done since your last visit you can show them graphs and summaries of your various log entries, making for more beneficial sessions. Many times over the years I have been asked, when was the last time you felt this way, or have you ever been on this mediation. With Mindful Progress you have the answers to make informed healthcare decisions.

How Mindful Progress Will Help You

Unlimited Daily Tracking

Unlimited mood, exercise, sleep, weight, and medicine logs to accurately track things as they change.


Visually see how your mood, exercise, sleep, and weight have changed over time through the use of interactive graphs. Your dashboard screen shows your latest mood and sleep logs graphed together so you an see at a glance if an episode is coming.


We find and alert you to patterns in your entry logs that may go by unnoticed until it becomes a problem. Be alerted when your mood or sleep patterns start to vary in unexpected ways. This will let you be more mindful of changes and perhaps seek help from a provider before a mood episode develops.

Download Your Data

Your data belongs to you and is most valuable if you can use it in any way you need. We provide the ability to export all of your log entries to spreadsheet applications and the graphs as images that can be easily shared.


Our members-only discussion board is a place for peers to ask questions and get support from others who have had similar struggles and victories.

We are here for you

From the day you join, you will be supported in your journey to well being. We provide technical support through our help documentation, by asking questions in our discussion board, through email, and via phone. We are always open to feedback on ideas for new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will vary by the type of log. You may have days where your mood varies frequently over the course of the day, so you will log more than daily. For activities like sleep, on most days you will only log your regular sleep, but there may be days when you take naps and that is valuable to track. For all of the log categories, the more entries you make the better you will be able to find patterns that lead to what works for you.

Yes! We take security seriously. All communication you have with our website is encrypted, your data is protected through best-practice password requirements, and the computers on which the data is hosted follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) guidelines for security (the same used at hospitals and other healthcare providers).

Yes! Mindful Progress is more than a website to add notes. Here is a flavor of what we track:

  • Mood Log
    • Mood Rating 0 to 10
    • A text area for you to write your thoughts.
    • 14 common symptoms of mania, depression, and anxiety
  • Medicine Log
    • Medicine Name from our searchable database of medications
    • Start Date
    • Stop Date
    • Quantity
    • Instructions on taking them from your doctor or pharmacist
    • Side effects you have encountered
  • Exercise Log
    • Activity
    • Minutes you participated in the activity
    • Estimate of calories burned
    • Free text area for you to record your thoughts on the exercise, how you felt before, during, or after, and anything else you want to remember.
  • Weight Log
    • Weight
    • Notes you want to record about where you are in your journey.
  • Sleep Log
    • Hours you slept
    • How difficult you felt it was to fall asleep
    • Notes you want to record about the sleep. You can record if it was interrupted, if you woke up earlier than normal, interesting dreams, etc.

Yes! It is very useful to have a historic log of medications you have taken over time when deciding on next steps. It is also good to have your mood entries to refer to instead of relying on memory. With Mindful Progress your data is yours! We give you the ability to share graphs of your mood, sleep, and other entries over time. Graphs are a great way to see patterns at a glance. If you are more data-oriented then you can also download your data for use in tools like Microsoft Excel.

Yes! When you add new entries we will use that data to help you find patterns and emerging episodes. In addition to the many graphs, we also provide you insights into all the categories through advanced statistics. We alert you when we detect your entries going too far from the baseline so that early intervention can bring you back to wellness.


Price should not come between you and feeling well. All of the logging functions, basic informative graphs, log entry insights, and data download capabilities are provided for free. To get more advanced graphing and insights, as well as more technical support options, please consider purchasing one of our upgraded options.

Free Plan

$0 / month

  • Unlimited mood, sleep, exercise, medicine, weight logs per day.
  • Self-care management with mood log integration.
  • A daily gratitude tracker to inspire positive emotions.
  • Basic graphs to show how your mood relates to the other factors you track.
  • Advanced statistics-based insights into your various log entries and how they relate to each other.
  • Ability to download your data and graphs to share with providers (therapists, psychiatrists, others that you choose).
  • Access to member only discussion board.
  • Technical support through our discussion board.
  • Ad-supported

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